Presidential Letter from ISARP President Karen W. Hegland, PhD

Dear ISARP Members:


I am honored to serve as the President of the International Society for the Advancement of Respiratory Psychophysiology (ISARP) over the next two years.  I am thankful for this opportunity to work closely with the ISARP board and members to continue the long legacy of scientific rigor, collegiality, and innovation that this society has always held in high esteem. I am especially grateful for the collaboration and leadership of the current board including Karen Hegland (past-president, now Secretary-Treasurer), Sarah Perry (Secretary-Treasurer Associate), Thomas Janssens (Student Representative), Bruce Miller (Member at Large), and Bernhard Dahme (senior ISARP member). I would also like to welcome Elke Vlemincx to the board as the coordinator of Communications.  The board voted during the Fall 2017 meeting to create this position in order to spread the responsibilities of the current secretary-treasurer and enhance our communications via the website and other modes.  In fact, we already have a new and improved website and logo.  Please peruse our new site (same web address:  We will be continuing to update and edit it over the coming weeks and months.  Feel free to send us suggestions on how to continue improving its utility and functionality for our members.  We have also created an ISARP email address where you can reach us directly with your inquiries and comments:

The 2017 ISARP meeting in Lille, France was a great success.  Many thanks to Elke Vlemincx and Cecile Chenivesse for their leadership in the planning and execution of the meeting.  The six research symposia, invited pre-eminent speakers, and poster presentations from laboratories all around the world allowed for great discussion and collaboration about work that will without doubt translate to improvements in health and quality of life for people with diverse respiratory conditions and disorders.  The beautiful setting for the conference was the icing on the cake.  We look forward to capitalizing on this momentum as we enter a special anniversary year for ISARP.

This year, ISARP will hold it’s 25th annual meeting, October 12 – 14, 2018, in Gainesville, Florida. You should have already received the save the date from our conference chair, Karen Hegland.  She and her conference organizing team have been working hard to identify a set of distinguished speakers and a wonderful location for this event.  This information will be updated on the website soon.   I am very much looking forward to the meeting and having the opportunity to share knowledge and research, establish collaborations, and continue to foster our multidisciplinary organization. The call for papers should soon be sent out via our listserv.  We look forward to a record number of abstract submissions and attendees for this 25th anniversary of the ISARP annual meeting.  Of note, if you are a senior member of a lab, please encourage your trainees to submit abstracts and to participate in our mentorship program.  The mentorship and development of young scientists in the area of respiratory psychophysiology continues to be an important mission of ISARP and a major reason why the society has continued to grow and thrive over the years.  Thomas Janssens will send more information about this program as the conference date approaches. 

One area of growth and improvement that was identified by the ISARP board a couple of years ago was the inclusion of more physicians and other clinicians in the society.  This year we plan to prioritize this in our conference with the addition of a grand rounds style panel that will highlight the translation of the work by ISARP researchers to the clinic over the past 25 years.  We hope that you will invite your collaborators and colleagues from diverse fields and backgrounds to join us at this year’s meeting and to submit abstracts for presentation.  Additionally, we are working with Frontiers in Respiratory Physiology to create a special edition of the journal dedicated to highlighting the work of selected researchers from this year’s conference. 

Finally, we are only able to continue fulfilling our scientific and educational missions through your financial support as members of the society.  We want to remind you that we decided as a group to move our membership dues deadline to June 1st, and that there will be a $10 (USD) late fee for people who do not pay dues by that date. Additionally, last year we added an option to pay for 2-years’ membership instead of just one at a time.  Many of you took advantage of that option last year – and we thank you.  You will soon receive more information regarding dues from Karen Hegland and Sarah Perry. 

Please feel free to contact me with any suggestions, concerns, or questions you may have.  I very much look forward to these next couple of years and beyond for ISARP. 


All my best,

Michelle Troche

ISARP President, 2018

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